GoldTach 3.3

This powerful internet secuity tool integrates four functions:Firewall,Process Commnication Control,
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Matinsoft Inc.

This free and easy-to-use internet security tool is only 1.2 megabytes. It integrates four functions: Personal Firewall, Process Commnication Control, E-mail Protection and Webpage Content Filtration. GoldTach can effectively protect against hackers' intruding into your PC and filching personal data by e-mail; prevent Trojan, worm and other malice webpage code from damaging your software system. You can know the current net status by its tray icon. It installs easily,and works with few settings .
What's new in GoldTach 3.1 ?
1. Added four tools: Process management ,Startup items management ,IE restorer and Net config
2. Fixed the reported bugs in the previous version.
3. The more skin files can be available

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